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Arch Angel understands how shoes need to feel good and look good.

Established in Singapore since 2007, Arch Angel has always been about comfort that does not sacrifice style. We provide stylish solutions to foot health conditions, offering a wide selection of shoes from leading comfort footwear brands around the world.

Brand Story

Our feet are the hardest working part of the body. They bear up to 85,000kg of stress for every kilometre we walk.

Feet are a complex construction of bone, muscles, arches, tendons and ligaments. They are an amazing feat of structural engineering. For example, just as arches in a building are important supporting structures that carry a lot of weight, the arches of our feet play an important role in enabling our feet to support the weight of our bodies and help it to absorb shocks.

All parts of our foot are designed to work together in synchronised precision. When the unique anatomical structure of our foot is unable to function as it should then simple tasks like walking to work or shopping in a mall become sojourns of frustration.

Why does the simple act of walking sometimes hurt?
How can we move about pain-free?
What part do shoes play in preventing, alleviating or aggravating foot pain?
How do we choose a good pair of shoes?
Are there well-made shoes that can support our arches?
Where can we find these solutions?

Like many of you, our journey into the world of foot care began with a painful step. Thankfully, we met many wonderful people along our way who contributed to our understanding in our search for solutions – podiatrists, experts who understand foot function and anatomy, health and wellness coaches, skilful craftsmen who create good shoes, and others who shared their experience with foot pain. The more we learnt, the more we realised the importance of good shoes and proper foot care.

We want to make comfortable and stylish shoes accessible for anyone who needs it, along with a wide variety of foot care accessories, and information on optimising foot health. We know that happy feet make happy people.

This is the reason why Arch Angel was born: to help the world walk in greater comfort.

Founder's Story

Ee Leng Tan loved to travel. Meeting people you otherwise would never meet, sharing lives and telling stories; travelling can sometimes turn strangers into friends, and that is what appealed the most to Ee Leng. She built great plans to explore the far reaches of the globe, never once expecting that she would instead, journey deep into the world of footcare – an unavoidable journey that began with a painful step.

“I remember wanting to go shopping but my feet hurt too much. I’d been walking for less than an hour but couldn’t go on. It was so frustrating.” Standing in the middle of the shopping mall, Ee Leng knew she had to do something. She needed information. She needed to understand what was wrong with her feet.

She also needed new shoes.

Then she met Helen Crawford. Trained as a podiatrist in London, Helen was a specialist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot ailments. Together, they explored the idea of bringing comfortable, stylish shoes into Singapore so everyone could have easy access to healthy footwear.

“I didn’t want to just sell shoes. I wanted to start a shop and put the right things in – exclusive shoe brands that fit well, a wide variety of foot care accessories and most importantly, staff able to give the right advice and information that can really help people who walk in pain.”

Starting Arch Angel in 2007, Ee Leng envisioned it to be a place where communities of strangers could also meet, share their stories of overcoming pain and exchange tips on foot care and healthy living. This is why podiatrists are often brought in to advise clients on foot health, and customers themselves are encouraged to share their testimonies with each other. Ee Leng also has plans for future workshops where customers attending can learn a new skill or lifestyle tips for greater health.

“I might not have planned to explore the world of footcare, but I am choosing to journey further into it, so that I can help others who are in pain,” she says, which probably explains why customers who walk into Arch Angel with problems and needs, almost always leave with happy feet.

And just like Ee Leng, they know that good shoes are a blessing.


"I bought 3 pairs of shoes from Arch Angel Purvis St. The service staff measured my feet and scanned my sole and he was able to advise me that I have high arch. Though one pair of shoes was a little tight after wearing , I was able to send the pair back to them and they expanded it for me. Great service and attentive staff !"
Ms. Shirli S.

"Bought a pair of Finn Comfort from here 3 years ago and I still wear them daily. Expensive (to me) but the shop carries quality footwear with high quality contoured inner soles. If you have knee foot or hip pain, you owe it to yourself to at least try the brands Arch Angel carries."
Mr. Adrian C.

"I probably have the most pairs of Naot shoes from you. "
Ms L.H. Lim

"Arch Angel is one of the very few places in Singapore where I can find a narrower shoe. Thank you for looking into offering more narrow shoes!”
Ms Kathy M.

"Comfort, Style and Quality – These are features I find in my new pair of Mary Jane shoes – the Naot Calabria. I feel extremely delighted wearing them in Singapore's tropical climate. During my trip to Australia in March this year, I travelled extensively by foot, bus and train throughout the day. With its soft cushioning and perfect fit for my tired feet, I felt like walking on clouds or cotton. I am looking forward to bringing them with me to London for my 10-day vacation end of May. Definitely recommended for anyone who is serious about foot health! I sincerely share Arch Angel's belief – Good shoes are indeed a True Blessing!! "
Ms. Lisa L.

"So far I've always received excellent service at Arch Angel. "
Ms Elaine P.

"The salesperson had been friendly and helpful. Service with a smile. "
Ms T.D. Ng

"I do appreciate your staffs' efforts to get me the right pair of shoes. I now buy most of my shoes from you. "
Ms L.H. Lim