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  1. New Arch Angel Collection

    New Arch Angel Collection
    Fall head over heels in love with with our comfortable and stylish shoes for the modern women. Why Arch Angel? • Made with soft and breathable kidskin leather • Superior arch and heel support for stability • Cushioned insole for shock absorption From now till 26 September 2019, receive an Arch Angel drawstring shoe bag (worth $19.90) with every pair of new Arch Angel shoes. While stocks last!
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  2. Celebrate National Day with Arch Angel! Shoe Clips now at $19.65, up to 40% off!

    Celebrate National Day with Arch Angel! Shoe Clips now at $19.65, up to 40% off!

    Celebrate National Day with Arch Angel! Our special shoe clips are now retailing at $19.65, which is up to 40% off!


    • The promotion is applicable online or at any of our Arch Angel Outlets at Purvis Street or Wheelock Place. • The promotion is valid from 8 August 2019 to 2 September 2019. • The promotion may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions or vouchers such as birthday vouchers or cash vouchers. • Arch Angel reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

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  3. Trade In Your Old Shoes & Get 15% off Naot Shoes!

    Trade In Your Old Shoes & Get 15% off Naot Shoes!

    Promotion: Trade in your old shoes(any brand) for Naot
    Date: 2 Aug to 2 Sept 2019
    Duration: One month
    Outlet: In store only
    Mechanics: Trade in your old shoes (any brand) to enjoy 15% off a pair of Naot regular-priced shoes.

    * Please take note Terms & Conditions:
    1. Customers must bring their old shoes to trade in to enjoy the 15% off a pair of Naot regular-priced shoes;
    2. There will be no exception for not bringing in their old shoes;
    3. Please put the old shoes you collected from the customers in the basket provided;
    4. This promotion is open to everyone;
    5. This promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other promotional items, corporate discount, VIP birthday vouchers and any other promotions;
    6. Arch Angel reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice;
    6. In case of dispute, Arch Angel's decision is final.

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  4. Free Footcare Sessions by Professions in January

    Free Footcare Sessions by Professions in January

    We, at Arch Angel, believe that good foot care and well-fitted shoes contribute to foot health and overall well-being of a person. Lower back pain, knee pain, joint pain and acute or chronic pain may be related to postural issues and can prevent us from enjoying the freedom of an active lifestyle.

    Coming January, live freely and join us for a free consultation with our in-house professionals and find out more about your issues and solutions for them. Simply call or email us to secure your 15-minute slot for #PodiatryDay or #OsteopathyDay. Limited slots available*


    Wheelock outlet • 6732 6564 • 501 Orchard Road  #03-12 Wheelock Place Singapore 238880

    Purvis outlet • 6336 5636 • 16 Purvis Street #01-01 Singapore 188959

    Should you have any question, feel free to drop us a message or email to [email protected]
    See you there! 

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  5. Step Into Clean Shoes with SteriShoe® UV Sanitizer

    Step Into Clean Shoes with SteriShoe® UV Sanitizer

    Have you wondered why your shoes and feet smell bad at the end of the day?

    Each human foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands and sweats up to half a litre per day. If you have an active lifestyle or live in humid conditions like Singapore, heat and moisture can breed germs - that’s up to 100,000,000 microorganisms living on your feet! Even if you do not wear the same shoes everyday, bacteria and fungi can remain dormant for months. To prevent foot ailments like athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and shoe odour, taking care of your footwear will be important.

    Introducing the future of shoe care: the SteriShoe®. A chemical-free UV light device that fits perfectly into your shoes, the SteriShoe® sanitizer disinfects and eliminates germs and odour. Clinically proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs, the UV sanitizer has earned itself the American Podiatric Medicine Association (APMP) seal of approval.

    If you have diabetes-related conditions such as neuropathy where infections of sores, blisters, ulcers or cuts can occur rapidly or even amputation, the SteriShoe® sanitizer is sure to meet your needs. The regular use of the device can eliminate all the infection-causing bacteria and fungus growing inside your shoes.

    Within the comfort of your own home, SteriShoe® sanitizer is a convenient and safe device. The switch can easily be turned on when it is slightly compressed (being stuffed inside a shoe), treating both shoes within 15 minutes. As it can only work in the dark, each packaging also comprises dark shoe bags. That means it can also work on sandals and openwork hippie-wear!

    In clinical studies, shoes have been proven to be a major cause of foot infections. Just like you wash your socks after each usage, you need to clean the insides of your shoes. SteriShoe® sanitizer will be an effective solution to provide a cleaner and healthier environment for your feet! Arch Angel now carries both SteriShoe+ and SteriShoe Essential for your daily usage. Free local shipping available* (find out more)

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  6. New Arrivals: Xsensible Collection

    New Arrivals: Xsensible Collection

    Walk the comfort side of life with our new Xsensible collection.

    With its patented bi-stretch leather technology, our new collection from Xsensible ensures all-rounded comfort for your feet, all day long. Protect your bunions and move freely with Xsensible Inside® leather, a leather with memory that will always return to its original shape, even after walking 50,000 steps! Plus, every Xsensible shoe comes with orthotic, removable insoles that are sure to keep your feet comfortable and supported.

    Shop our Xsensible collection and find your balance between health and style today!

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  7. Thank YOU, Mom!

    Thank YOU, Mom!

    Congratulations to Ms Noorsyahidah and Ms Ai Lin, winners of Arch Angel’s Mother’s day giveaway!

    In honour of the strong women that multi-tasked, supported us and raised us up, Arch Angel celebrated Moms in the month of May. Submissions for the most memorable MOMent were aplenty, and many were ever ready to share their deepest appreciation and heartfelt love for their moms in hope of winning a pair of shoes from Arch Angel.

    Numerous entries tugged the heartstrings of our judges and it was a tough selection process. Nonetheless, two entries from Ms Noorsyahidah and Ms Ai Lin describing the relentless love and persevering spirit of their moms stood out. Check out the winning entries below!

    Arch Angel is glad to be a part of the thanksgiving journey and salutes all Moms (grandmas, god-mas and aunties included).

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  8. New Arrivals: Stretchwalker Collection

    New Arrivals: Stretchwalker Collection

    Release pressure off your feet with our latest Stretchwalker collection.

    Say “goodbye” to stiff, sore and tired feet and “hello” to comfy, pain-free and well-supported feet. Our new collection from Xsensible Stretchwalker promotes natural body posture and actively reduces pressure on joints. Inspired by the wooden Geta sandals in Japan, Stretchwalker shoes and sandals combine tradition with innovation by featuring a Japanese sole technology that aids in distributing your balance point, ensuring that the body adopts a natural posture.

    Check out our Xsensible Stretchwalker collection and walk healthy and happy today!

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  9. Great Singapore Sale 2018

    Great Singapore Sale 2018

    Terms & Conditions:

    • 1st pair and subsequent pairs will be ranked according to their value, with the 1st pair being that of the higher value.
    • Qualifying purchase for Arch Angel membership program must be at minimum $200 nett and above.
    • Membership privileges will only be applicable upon next purchase and is not applicable on qualifying purchase for Arch Angel membership program.
    • All GSS promotions additional discounts will not be applicable for GST Absorbed day on 7 July 2018.
    • All GSS promotions and additional discounts are not valid in conjunction with other in-store/membership discount and promotions.
    • Sale priced items sold may not be exchanged, refunded or returned unless it is due to a manufacturer fault/defect, in which case it can be exchanged for a replacement, subject to management's approval on a case-by-case basis.
    • The management reserves the right to request for proof of identity (NRIC/passport etc) for verification purposes.
    • The management reserves the right to add, delete and/or modify any of the promotion details and terms and conditions at any time, in its sole discretion.
    • In case of any dispute(s), the management reserves the right of final decision.

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  10. 5 Ways To Treat Plantar Fasciitis

    5 Ways To Treat Plantar Fasciitis

    If you experience a consistent sharp throbbing or aching heel pain each time you step out of bed in the morning, you may be suffering from plantar fasciitis. Discover the ways you can bring relief to that pain, plus 5 shoes Arch Angel has picked out just for this condition.

    What is plantar fasciitis? Our feet consist of ligaments which together support standing, walking and running. The plantar fascia ligament is one of them, located along the sole and stretching from the heel bone, across the arch and towards the toes. When it gets inflamed, it means that the ligament has stretched and/or moved more than it should, resulting in small tears – thus the pain.

    Alleviate Your Pain With These Methods

    1.         1. Let your feet rest.

      Trust your gut feel. When the ligament is torn or stressed, your feet feels it too, so allow your feet to rest immediately. In addition, try adjusting your daily habits to incorporate pockets of rest for your feet.

    2.         2. Apply something cold.
      Lay an ice pack on your heels for 20 minutes, twice daily. Don’t have an ice pack? Simply freeze a water bottle, cover it with a towel and place the arch of your foot above it. Then, slowly roll the bottle under your arch for about five minutes. Switch sides and repeat.

    3.         3. Invest in orthotics.
      Orthotics are devices designed to lessen pressures exerted on specific areas of your body. For the feet, that could mean wraps, splints and shoe inserts.

    4.         4. Massage and stretch.
      Just like how your body feels luxuriously pampered after a massage, the same goes for your feet and calves. The act of massaging and stretching delivers a fresh flow of oxygenated blood to the areas in pain, bringing relief to your feet and calves after standing many hours for extended periods of time.

    5.         5. See a doctor.
      If the pain doesn’t resolve in two weeks, or when you experience pain even without exerting weight on the affected area(s) – that’s when you’ve to see a doctor. Most general practitioners are familiar with treating plantar fasciitis since it’s a common ailment, but severe cases may require a Podiatrist, who’ll look deeper into issues related to the joints, tissues, muscles and bones of the feet.

    On top of these, a good pair of shoes can bring relief from the pains associated with plantar fasciitis too. Here are a few choice recommendations from Arch Angel you can try today.

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