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Foot Measurement Tips

Tools to Use

1. A4 paper

2. Pen or Pencil

Steps to Measure

1. Place your feet on a piece of A4 paper

2. Draw an outline of your foot with a pen or pencil

3. Measure the overall length of your foot from longest toe to the back of the heel

4. Determine your shoe size by referring to our shoe size chart

Additional Tips

• If your measurements are between sizes, go to the next highest half size
• If one foot is longer than the other, choose the larger of the two sizes. Self-adhesive pads or shoe fillers can be attached inside the shoe to prevent the smaller foot from slipping

Important Note: Foot measurement tips on our website are intended as a general reference guide for measuring your feet at home only. For more accurate and proper feet measurement, kindly visit us at our boutique shops.