10 Comfortable Shoes For Standing On Your Feet All Day

One or two hours on your feet? No problem. But when standing stretches past the five-hour mark – that’s when a pair of comfortable shoes could make that difference in alleviating some of that fatigue, back aches and leg cramps.

While most of us already know of the health risks associated with long hours of sitting, did you know that prolonged standing is equally harmful as well? Researchers from Swiss university ETH Zurich ran an experiment and discovered that on average, their 26 participants reported feeling tired after five hours on their feet, despite regular breaks and a 30-minute lunch.

This is a scenario that’s all too familiar with bank tellers, hospitality personnel, retail assistants and others who earn their wages on their feet, often resulting in aching joints and sore feet, and ultimately affecting work productivity.

Because Arch Angel believes in the power of comfort, here are some tips when looking for a pair of shoes that adequately supports your feet during those days of long standing hours.

  1.         1. Get properly fitted.

    While that pointy pair of heels, or strappy stiletto sandals may look fabulous – anything that constricts the natural shape of your foot is bound to cause pain. Do your toes graze the tip of your shoes? Are there blisters and calluses? These are sure signs of an ill-fitting pair of shoes. Having your shoes properly fitted would help alleviate and prevent your feet from hurting.

  2.         2. Look for insoles that cushions and absorbs shock.

    The heels on our feet has a large fat pad, designed to be our body’s main shock absorber. Problems arise when our heels are exposed to excessive stresses potentially caused by prolonged standing and increase in body weight. While rest is the best recommendation, the right pair of insoles and footwear can provide additional cushioning and shock absorption, bringing relief to your feet.

  3.         3. Be practical about those high heels.

    Did you know that the higher the heel, the greater the potential for foot problems? Other than that recurring heel pain, wearing sky-high heels can exacerbate conditions such as corns, hammertoes and bunions. 

    A general guide is to go for heels under two inches. Opt for heels with wider surface areas, such as wedges or thick heels, for better balance and support. And if you can’t part with your stilettos, try not to wear them for longer than two to three hours a day.