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Shoe Size Chart

The sizing charts below are intended as a general guideline for all shoes listed on Arch Angel and are intended for reference only. Kindly bear in mind that sizes can vary between manufacturers.

Shoe Size Chart

The 1000 Mile Compression Sock provide graduated compression that accelerates blood circulation. This helps for muscle recovery and reducing toxins to prevent muscle cramps.

✓ Provides gentle support to assist with ankle injuries and helps with rehabilitation
✓ Easy to wear, for all-day comfort. Flat toe seam reduces irritation
✓ Targeted compression zones cover ankle, arch and Achille's tendon

• Ankle and Arch Support
• Flat toe seam
• Ergonomic toe with left/right labelling
• Compression level: 14-17 mmhg
• Unisex sizing by UK shoe size
• Machine wash at 30 degrees. DO NOT Tumble Dry
• Unisex