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Looking for an all-purpose shoe? We’ve got the perfect sneaker for the fashionable man: the Xsensible Stretchwalker Moscow, a modern lace-up shoe with additional features. High-quality suede leather gives these sneakers a masculine chic.
The Stretchwalker is inspired by the balance principle inherent in the old traditional Japanese wooden sandal. These shoes promise an optimal walking experience and contribute to a better posture. No more painful or tired feet, thanks to the combination of balance, stability, and the sublime cushioning throughout the sole. The Stretchwalker supports your whole body, inspiring a feeling of well-being.

• Upper: Xsensible's Stretch Leather
• Adjustability: Laces
• Sole: Xsensible's Stretchwalker Outsole
• Shoe width: Wide
• Foot-bed: Removable
• Made in Netherlands