Our Brand Story


An advocate of wellness through foot care and foot health. We enrich lives by providing solutions that improve the sense of well-being so that people can feel the joy of being on their feet, revelling in the things they love to do.

The story behind our business

Our journey into the world of foot care began with a painful step.

Thankfully, we met many along our way who contributed to our search for solutions – podiatrists, health & wellness coaches, skilful craftsmen, and others who shared their experience with foot pain.

The more we learnt, the more we realised the importance of good shoes and proper foot care.

We know that happy feet make joyful people.

This is the reason why Arch Angel was born: to help the world walk in greater comfort, and to take every step with joy.

Joy in Every Step

For Arch Angel, joy is something that springs from the feet. It fills our hearts every time a shoe is born. And it’ll fill yours when you feel the comfort of wearing a pair.

It’s the spring in your step as you walk in them. The delight in your eyes when you admire their designs. It’s the glee shared by anyone who has ever seen, or worn, our shoes.

It’s an elation that moves, skips, leaps, dances and goes the distance. A joy that Arch Angel simply wants to share with the world.

Our Vision & Mission


To help the world walk in the joy of greater comfort.


We relentlessly curate the optimum selection of shoes for comfort and style, and provide further solutions through foot care accessories.

We actively promote wellness and foot health to bring joy to as many people as possible.


Lively, energetic, positive and cheerful, delighting customers with products and services.


Professional advice and consistent delivery of products and services.


Constantly seeking new and effective solutions for products and services. To strive towards becoming a market leader.


Understanding and feeling for the needs of our customers and the things that make you happy.


Find your perfect fit with footwear brands recognised by podiatrists worldwide, including shoes for diabetics.


Find footcare accessories including OTC insoles and gel supports here at our store.

Foot & Shoe Services

We organise a few things to share our knowledge with you: Podiatrist Day, Foot Health events & talks, and Foot Health Brochures for you to take home!

Foot & Shoe Services

We provide foot scanning & measurement, shoe expansion & sterilisation, cutting & grinding of insoles, and our staff are trained shoe fitters!