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Active women seeking firmer support and motion control.
Support and stabilization for a woman’s foot as impact moves from the heel area to the mid foot while controlling supination (the outward rolling motion of the foot). Targeted support to manage the pressure and offloading that occur during a woman’s stride.

  • 3-PodTM Cushioning System (patent pending)absorbs shock and helps prevent over pronation.
  • PolySorb® Stability Cradle provides advanced arch support and deep heel cupping.
  • Custom Cushion Layer conforms with normal wear to match the contours of the foot.
  • Low-friction Antimicrobial Top Cloth helps prevent blisters and control odor.
  • Metatarsal Arch Support offloads pressure from the ball of foot to help relieve forefoot pain.
  • Forefoot Crash Pad provides extra cushioning under the ball of foot for a smooth transition to toe-off.