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The sizing charts below are intended as a general guideline for all shoes listed on Arch Angel and are intended for reference only. Kindly bear in mind that sizes can vary between manufacturers.

Shoe Size Chart

Think big with Xsensible Stretchwalker SWX11! Trainers with thick but smooth soles – also known as ‘chunky trainers’ – are the number-one fashion trend this season. Xsensible perfectly combines fashion and comfort. The cool lace-ups dazzle with their stylish mix of fabrics and/or colours, made from genuine leather. Stretch leather at the front of the shoe protects your feet from soreness and discomfort and the side zipper makes it easier to slip in and out of the shoe. Maximum comfort is guaranteed by the soles featuring Xsensible Balance Technology, while the white soles add a fresh and clean look.

The Stretchwalker is inspired by the balance principle inherent in the old traditional Japanese wooden sandal. These shoes promise an optimal walking experience and contribute to a better posture. No more painful or tired feet, thanks to the combination of balance, stability, and the sublime cushioning throughout the sole. The Stretchwalker supports your whole body, inspiring a feeling of well-being.

• Upper: Xsensible's Stretch Leather
• Adjustability: Laces/Zip
• Sole: Xsensible's Stretchwalker Outsole
• Shoe width: Wide
• Foot-bed: Removable
• Made in Netherlands